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Driving classes are paced to learn at convenience and safety
Expert Driving School In Madurai

Solamalai Driving School

Our team is compassionate, and committed to teach the students every finer
detail involved with driving. We consider driving right is a social responsibility.

One-To-One Classes

With attention to one student during practical classes, the instructor is able to deliver more driving instances for the student.

Simulator Classes

Before getting on the road, the driving students are made to feel more confident with a 3D virtual set up of actual roads.

Well Maintained Cars

The cars that students learn to drive are maintained clean and clear of any mechanical issues to ensure safety.

Experienced Instructors

Patience is the key of our experienced instructors. They create most instances that a student will have to face on the road.

Expert Driving School In Madurai

Solamalai Driving School

Over years, our team has trained more than 1000 students to learn to drive. We take the responsibility to make safer drivers in our community. Following are the unique values that we provide to our students.

   Female instructors for women students

   Detailed theory classes to learn basics of information related vehicles

  Flexible classes during the weekends and holidays

   Well maintained cars for the safety of the students

   Simulator classes to build driving confidence for the students

Solamalai Driving School

Driving Classes That We Offer

The classes that we offer are structured as 3 segments – Theory, Practical and Simulator classes.
There are dedicated hours for each segment and content is prepared with experienced instructors.

Basic Course

If you are a beginner, and yet to explore a car, then the Basic course is for you. 

Advanced Course

If you have kick started driving and yet to make progress, then the Advance course is for you.

Refreshment Course

If you know how to drive, and have taken a long break from it, then the Refreshment course is for you

Start Learning to Drive Today at Solamalai Driving School

Driving is a skillset that is required to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to wait for someone to travel places. So why wait, join Solamalai Driving School.

Best Driving School In Madurai With

Best In Class Infrastructure

At Solamalai Driving School, we are committed to deliver the best possible
environment for the students to learn driving. That is why we have gone a step
ahead to create display boards, instructional videos, hand signs, road miniatures
and more. Also, we ensure to use good cars that is clean and maintained well.

Expert Driving School Instructors

Experienced And Compassionate Instructors

Our instructors are well trained and have vast experience in training different
types of students. We have separate trainers for Theory classes, Practical classes
and Simulator Classes







Customer Testimonial

What Our Customers Say ?

We have grown over years with positive word of mouth from our customers. We value their feedback and refine our process and teaching style based on it.

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